Haikan Do It Two

The Perks Of Being A Gooseberry
Of course I want you
To be happy; but if that
Makes me feel worthless,

Unwanted, like a
Discarded Evening Standard…
Now I’m not so sure.

Maybe if your world
Were to fall apart, if your
Most perfect union

Were to crumble and
Fall about you in ruins,
I might feel better.

But what would that make
Me? Fucked up as I am, I
Still do love my friends.

To abandon that
For naught but schadenfreude?
I may as well be

Dead. If ever I
Sank to such depths, I would not
Deserve to live.

Be happy, my friends.
Some day I might be as well.
Till then, be happy.


‘I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.’ – Walt Whitman.

I believe this is from a letter Whitman wrote, but I couldn’t find the exact source. I’d be grateful if anyone could enlighten me on that point (or indeed enlighten me if it wasn’t in fact Whitman).


A Different Kind Of Crazy

You Will Be Happy
You will be happy, my girl, this I promise you
From a broken mind to an absent heart.

I’m not going to send you a card.
I’m not going to bring you flowers.
No worthy truths, no fragrant lies,
No mockeries of life can help you, now or ever.

But I will not abandon you.
I will not leave you to your pain,
I will not stand by as you fade
To a colourless distant shade
Known by the clanking of your chain.

We shall share my wine,
We shall swap epigrams
From poets even more messed up than us.
And we shall cry and laugh and cry again
And for at least a while
You will find your heart, I will fix my mind
And we will be happy.


‘Think where man’s glory most begins and ends / And say my glory was I had such friends.’ – William Butler Yeats, The Municipal Gallery Revisited