Haikan Do It Two

The Perks Of Being A Gooseberry
Of course I want you
To be happy; but if that
Makes me feel worthless,

Unwanted, like a
Discarded Evening Standard…
Now I’m not so sure.

Maybe if your world
Were to fall apart, if your
Most perfect union

Were to crumble and
Fall about you in ruins,
I might feel better.

But what would that make
Me? Fucked up as I am, I
Still do love my friends.

To abandon that
For naught but schadenfreude?
I may as well be

Dead. If ever I
Sank to such depths, I would not
Deserve to live.

Be happy, my friends.
Some day I might be as well.
Till then, be happy.


‘I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.’ – Walt Whitman.

I believe this is from a letter Whitman wrote, but I couldn’t find the exact source. I’d be grateful if anyone could enlighten me on that point (or indeed enlighten me if it wasn’t in fact Whitman).