Fiction Is Real

Man: The Amnesiac Watchmaker
“God simplifies nothing.”
“God shuts down debate.”
“God is inimical to reason.”
“God leads to fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate…leads to suffering.”
True, true, true…true.
“God is not real.”


Just because we invented god,
Does that mean it’s not real?

Mull over Macbeth, argue about Achilles;
Hubris and glorylust, mortality and anger,
Fiction or no these are real questions
Worthy of real quarrels and quibbles and quiet mediations
And fierce refutations of the overly lexical classical scholar,
The Freudian peek into the Myrmidon tent
Or the Bacon-ite, Marlowe-ite, whoever-else-ite
Who thinks, “What does he know of Scotland
Who only Warwickshire knows?”

(Reductio ad absurdum works better in comedy. Divine or otherwise. Ed.)

But in the end, we return to the bush
Which we have been beating around:
We must not forget it was us who made god
And not the other way round.


“Man had created God in his own image, not the other way around. He had done it through sheer terror, and who could blame him? Unfortunately he had made too good a job. The god he had invented was just as cruel and careless as man himself. Not a deity to whom one should seriously address a prayer.” – Richard Herley, The Penal Colony