Chance Is A Fine Thing

Normally it’s pretty counter-intuitive to focus your life outside of yourself. But these are not normal times.

Take Your Comforts Where You Find Them
I must not let myself be overcome,
Submerged in fear and doubt for all my life.
No longer must I dine off only crumbs
Let fall like so much butter from a knife.
I must recall that there is beauty still,
Though all the world seems empty, dull and grey.
Horizons shrunk to grubby window-sills
Must not obscure the gift that is today.
I say again, the gift, by none bestowed;
Infinity’s fine fluke, if you prefer.
No matter: live as though a debt you owed
To life, in paying which you shall not err.
If in myself my peace I cannot find,
In others’ may my joy be unconfined.


One thought on “Chance Is A Fine Thing

  1. So the rhyme carries on – good! Do like the ending – brings up images of tall still mountains and hermitages … You probably had a different image when you composed it.

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