Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Hello

Alan Bennett once wrote, ‘All literature is consolation.’ At times like this, one can can only hope he was right.

They’ll Write A Song
All of you who have no voice,
Yearn to speak yet have no choice
But to stay silent; friends, rejoice:
They’ll write a song for you.

All of you who feel alone,
Exiled kings who seek new thrones
Madness striving to postpone:
They’ll write a song for you.

If you’re broken-boned or broken-hearted,
Or simply broken; if hope departed
Long ago: you may walk in dignity.
Because, for you, they’ll write a symphony.

But the man who cannot love,
Who love feels unworthy of,
Whom despair fits like a glove…

…Who’ll write a song for him?


“I’m not “happy” but I’m not unhappy about it.”
Alan Bennett, The History Boys

Two Alan Bennett quotes in one post. Aren’t I generous? Here’s to 2013, may she be good to us all.





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